Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the CARE office located and what are your hours?
We are located in Kresge 714, next to the Owl's Nest Cafe. We are open for appointments and walk-ins Monday-Friday9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.

What if I need an advocate after 5pm or on the weekend?
We work closely with Monarch Services, our local rape crisis center. Monarch provides free, confidential advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence through their 24/7 crisis line: 1-888-900-4232. You can also follow up with a CARE advocate the next business day for advocacy with campus matters.

What does it mean that CARE is confidential?
CARE advocates will not share any of your information with Title IX, the police, your parents, or anyone else without your permission. We also have completed state-certification for sexual assault counselors, which means that our communication with sexual assault survivors is privileged and we cannot testify about our communication in court without your permission.

What if I'm not comfortable coming to the CARE office in Kresge?
If you prefer to meet elsewhere, please let us know when you email or call for an appointment. We are happy to meet staff/faculty in their offices or to find an alternate space to meet with students, staff or faculty privately on campus.

Can anyone come to CARE for help?
We can see UC Santa Cruz students, staff and faculty members of any gender. We are also able to see alumni/ae and community members in special situations. 

We provide services for survivors (the term we use for people who have been impacted by interpersonal violence themselves), or their significant others such as friends, roommates, family members, and partners. We can also provide support for staff or faculty who are supporting a survivor.

We do not provide services for perpetrators, respondents, and those accused of committing interpersonal violence. Respondent Services are available through the Dean of Students office by calling 831-459-4446.