Medical Treatment & Forensic Exams

  • Sexual Assault Forensic Exams (SART)

    • A SART exam is both a medical exam and forensic evidence collection
    • An advocate from Monarch will accompany you throughout the process
    • Exams can be done up to 10 days after an assault occurs (depending on circumstances) 
    • There is no charge to you or your insurance     



    Sexual Assault Forensic Exams (SART) Icon

    Investigative SART

    -All SART exams for Santa Cruz County are currently done at Valley Medical Center in San Jose
    - Connect with an advocate for transportation options
    - See information on preserving evidence
    - Police will provide additional details if you are making a police report


    The word "Report" Crossed out.

    Non-Investigative SART

    - You do not have to make a police report to receive an exam
    - A non-investigative SART allows you to receive an exam and collect evidence, without reporting to the police
    - Also known as an Anonymous SART 
    - This allows you to receive medial attention and collect evidence and decide at a later date if you would like to have the case investigated
    - Immediate needs are met, and you can make the best decision for yourself when you are out of the "trauma window" 
  • Medical Treatment Only

    You can seek medical attention only, through your healthcare provider

    Medical Icon- This can help you to get emergency contraception, screening for HIV and STIs, and pregnancy tests
    - Evidence will not be collected 

    - Medical professionals may be mandated to make a report if they know about a sexual assault
    - You can dicsuss this with an advocate first to make sure your choices are respected


    Medical treatment options include:

    Student Health Center

    Planned Parenthood