Ways to Contact CARE:

Phone: 831-502-CARE (2273)
Email: care@ucsc.edu (Please don't include personal health information in emails.)
You can also request an appointment through our Google Form here!
For workshop/training requests and collaborations, please email care_pec@ucsc.edu.
Our office is located at:
Oakes Academic Building
233 Oakes Road
Suite 221
You can search UCSC CARE on Google maps to navigate to the CARE Office. 
We are on the 2nd floor of the Oakes Academic Building, above the Oakes Writing Center and Oakes Classroom 105. You can take the stairs that are on the outside of the building, and we are on the first hallway on the right, then doorway to the right.
If you are having difficulty finding or accessing our office, please call us at 831-502-2273.