CARE offers a variety of different workshops. Below is a brief description of each one. If there are any questions, please email 

Care Workshops:

CONSENT 101:This workshop is intended to engage you on the topic of affirmative consent and how to achieve that in your relationships. 

DYNAMICS OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE(IPV)In this workshop, you can learn about the complexities of inter-personal violence, in order to understand why it is hard to leave an abusive relationship. This stems from understanding: What is gas lighting? and to understanding methods of power and control used over a partner by their abuser. 

BYSTANDER INTERVENTIONLearn about what it means to be AND how to be an active bystander. In this workshop, you can learn how to prevent different types of violence, such as bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or intimate partner violence, by actively delegating, directing, and distracting as a bystander. 

DYNAMICS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE: This workshop focuses on the different forms of sexual assault and its prevalence on our campus. Through dialogue and activities, we create an in-depth conversation on rape culture and how to unlearn its harmful implications in order to best support survivors and prevent further violence from occurring in our communities.

GENDER BASED VIOLENCE: This workshop describes through an intersectional lens how gender inequalities affect people of different identities on a systemic and personal level.