Advocacy Services

The CARE Office is a confidential space to discuss issues of dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. Our advocates have received extensive training in order to be state-certified sexual assault and domestic violence counselors.  The CARE advocates are able to provide support in a variety of different ways. We support survivors in their decision making and understand the complexities that can arise from these issues. We provide the following free services and when necessary, give appropriate resources and referrals.


  • Confidential IconOur confidentiality ensures that a survivor can talk with an advocate to understand their rights and options, and make the best decision for themselves without initiating a report to Title IX, the Police, or any other entity.

    CA Evidence Code #1035.4 ensures that information shared in private between a victim and a sexual assault counselor is confidential. This communication is privileged, which protects the relationship between the advocate and client, and the law cannot force disclosure of these communications.

    Confidentiality will be compromised in cases of danger to self, danger to others, or child abuse.

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Crisis Icon


    If you are in a crisis, CARE advocates can help you obtain emergency assistance, receive emotional support, understand your rights and options, and reach whatever next-step decisions you decide.

  • Accompaniment

  • Accompaniment IconA CARE advocate is able to accompany and support you in the following:

    - Filing a report with Title IX and/or law enforcement
    - Investigative interviews with Title IX, law enforcement and the district attorney's office
    - Court hearings
    - Student conduct meetings
    - Other appointments as necessary

  • Academic Support

  • Academic Icon


    If you are having academic problems as a result of your experience, an advocate can help in several ways, which can include changing your academic class schedule, switching course sections, and other accommodations needed on a case by case basis.

  • Accommodations

  • Housing Icon


    If you have safety concerns, an advocate may be able to help you gain accommodations for housing, work, transportation, or other accommodations as needed.

  • Safety Planning

  • Safety IconCARE advocates can help you brainstorm different ways to stay safe and reduce the risk of future harm. We help create safety plans that address emotional and physical safety. We are able to provide information about different protective orders and the process to obtain them.  We can also offer help to consult with university police to understand your rights to physical protection.

  • Case Management

  • Case Mgmt Icon


    CARE can help with the many ways in which your life may be impacted. We will work with you as much or as little as you choose to assist you in the process, coordinate services, and communicate your options along the way.