Meet Our Staff

  • Kelsey, CARE Director

    Kelsey Hoie Ferrell, CARE Director

    As the CARE Director, Kelsey serves the campus community as an advocate, manager, and content expert on interpersonal and sexual violence prevention. She is committed to approaching both prevention and intervention work from an intersectional and community-based approach.

     Prior to moving to sunny California, Kelsey served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Eastern European Republic of Moldova. In Moldova, Kelsey served as the director for an anti human trafficking initiative. She also worked on women’s empowerment programs and learned Romanian. Her education includes a bachelor's degree in Humanities from Fort Lewis College and a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University. She completed her master’s thesis on culturally responsive collaborative program evaluation for immigrant and refugee community programs.

    Outside of work, Kelsey is the seeing-eye human for her blind dog, Loki. She is a maker-of-things including knitwear, patterns, jewelry, and has a current obsession with tapestry weaving. Kelsey also loves hiking in the redwoods, making homemade apple pie, and reading as much as possible.

  • Yesenia Melgoza-Fernandez

    Yesenia Melgoza-Fernandez, Intake Coordinator

    As the Intake Coordinator, Yesenia is the first point of contact for UCSC community members looking to connect with a CARE advocate.
    Yesenia is a first generation Mexican-American college grad from Watsonville, CA. She received her B. A. in Sociology and Chicanx Studies from UCLA. She has 5+ years of experience providing domestic and sexual violence education and advocacy in underserved communities in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz County. Yesenia is most looking forward to becoming one with the UCSC community!
    Outside of work, she is a coach for the non-profit, Watsonville Starlings Volleyball Club where she trains girls ages 10-18 in underserved communities in Watsonville the sport of volleyball. Yesenia also enjoys hanging out with her dog, Ginger, taking care of her plants, & is an avid makeup enthusiast.

  • Jazmin Jauregui

    Jazmin Jauregui, Advocate


    In her time at UC Santa Cruz, as a first generation, Latinx student, Jazmin was a resident assistant (OAKESSS!), SHOP intern and CARE volunteer. In 2017, she graduated with a degree in Human Biology B.S. from UCSC and completed her sexual and domestic violence certification with Monarch Services. Jazmin rejoined the CARE team in May 2019 as an advocate. She is committed to supporting and empowering survivors of all backgrounds in their journeys after trauma. 

    Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially the babies, learning how to do new things, and watching mystery documentaries and cooking competitions. You can usually find her with a Yerba Mate in hand ready for the day ahead.


  • Anne Margaret Capcap

    Anne Margaret Capcap, Advocate

    As an advocate, Anne helps survivors of domestic violence and assault find their footing again by empowering their next steps, whether that means seeking justice or seeking healing. They believe that in doing this work, they can help their generation center healing in their own communities so that empathy can be prioritized in all intimate and communal decisions.
    Anne is a proud Filipino immigrant and loves to spend time with their big pamilya. They grew up in Sacramento and is very excited to give back to their alma mater here at UCSC. They graduated with BAs in Philosophy and Anthropology in hopes to serve their community in a conscientious and culturally-responsible way. In addition to CARE, Anne is a residential counselor at a youth shelter in Santa Clara and volunteers as a board member for SAYS, an education non-profit back home in Sacramento. 
    Outside of work, Anne loves to take care of their plant babies (who have taken over both their life and their room), try new recipes, moisturize, buy cute stationary, watch anime, read, and play video games with their partner (who is much better at winning). 

  • Carolyn Sohn

    Carolyn Sohn, Advocate

    As an advocate, Carolyn works directly with survivors of interpersonal violence, and the people who care for survivors in their own communities. She considers advocacy as a commitment to the resilience, strengths, and self-determination of survivors, and a responsibility to educate the wider community on the realities of interpersonal violence.

    Before arriving at the UCSC campus in September 2019, Carolyn was a CARE advocate and intake specialist at UC Santa Barbara. She received her advocate training at Standing Together to End Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Solutions, based in Santa Barbara. She's proud of her journey as a first generation college student and second generation Korean-American, and is thrilled to join the UCSC community.

  • Aya Kitajima

    Aya Kitajima, CUIP Community Support


    I joined CARE in order to better understand sexual violence and why it happens, support survivors in my community, and spread understanding of how to prevent violence. CARE is also such a warm, welcoming office to be involved with, and I'm always inspired by everyone I work with in CARE!
    A few fun facts about me: I love doing my nails, my average typing speed is around 130 wpm, and I've marched Drum Corps!

  • Angelica Silverman

    Angelica Silverman, CUIP Prevention Education


    I joined CARE to support, educate survivors about their rights and options and to ensure all survivors are believed and listened to on our UCSC campus. 

    Fun Fact: I'm a double major in Intensive Psychology and Feminist Studies and also am a teacher's assistant at a local preschool this year!


  • Zoe Wynne

    Zoe Wynne, Prevention Education Intern


    I joined CARE in order to educate my fellow UCSC community members on all the support services we offer as well as educating society on the issue of interpersonal violence.
    A few fun facts about me, I have two bunnies named Millie and Boo, I love to run, and go to the mountains! 

  • Kaylee Campos

    Kaylee Campos, Prevention Education Intern


    I am beyond excited to spread knowledge of CARE’s mission and support my diverse community at UCSC by  raising social awareness on intersectional violence prevention.

    A fun fact about me is that this summer, I drove from Illinois to California with my dog, Stormi, in less than three days; I love adventures!


  • Siobhan Moher

    Siobhan Moher, Prevention Education Intern


    I joined the CARE team in order to support our campus community by encouraging members to understand the importance of CARE’s work and to promote healing and learning in our community. I am looking forward to applying information I learn in my internship, as well as in the classroom, to help our community grow into one that is supportive to all. 

    A fun fact about me is that I have a yellow lab!


  • Lauryn Holmes

    Lauryn Holmes, Prevention Education Intern


    I first joined CARE as a volunteer and loved the work that they are doing so much that I
    applied to be an intern. I was so inspired by a former intern’s sunny personality and
    compassion that I decided that this was an organization I wanted to be more involved in.
    Through this internship, I hope to grow into a student that is equipped to support their
    A fun fact about me is that I am an Aquarius and I like to listen to true crime podcasts in
    my free time!

  • Zulema Martinez Rosette

    Zulema Martinez Rosette, Prevention Education Intern


    I joined CARE because I wanted to contribute to creating a culture of consent and respect on campus. I had a lot of appreciation for CARE's dedication to intersectional and survivor based support and I wanted to find a way to educate myself and help spread the important knowledge CARE has to offer.

    A fun fact about myself is that in my free time I really enjoy reading and journaling at the beach.


  • Kate Jara

    Kate Jara, Graphic Design Intern


    I joined CARE because the services we offer are so important and I want to help be a part of supporting survivors and ensuring everyone knows what resources we offer by creating the graphics here!
    A fun fact about me is I've been a swim coach and lessons instructor the past 3 summers.

(Please don't include personal health information in emails.)